During the week before Valentine's Day, February 4-7, we will have sweet little packages you or a family member can purchase to brighten your student's day! What the package will include: a 16 oz Crush soda (your choice, orange or grape), a balloon, a love note of your choice (we'll have a few options to choose from), and a full-size candy bar or flower! Order forms will be sent home soon! These packages will be passed out to students on Valentine's Day!

February is Acts of Kindness Month!

We want to focus on emphasizing Kindness in our school and homes this month.

How can you help at home? We're glad you asked.

  • Talk to your kids about kindness. Read little ones a story, give examples to the older ones. Here's a good story!
  • Lead by example! Set the tone and do some Random Acts of Kindness for your kiddos and spouse!
  • Leading up to February 14, talk with your child each day about if another student was kind to them. Ask them how it made them feel, did it turn their day around? Help them write a note to the kind student letting them know that they helped bring a smile to your child's face! These notes will be passed around to the appropriate students at our Valentine's Party!
  • Give your kiddos ideas on how they can be kind to others at school! Whether it's holding the door open, writing something nice for another kid, or even being a friend when someone seems upset- give them ideas so they can earn their own thank-you notes!

PTA Meeting Notes 1/14/19

On January 14th at 6pm, we had our first PTA Meeting of 2019. Eight parents were in attendance.

  • We determined the need for a Parent Workday. The decided day is February 9th, 8-11am. We have three men signed up to help!
  • We discussed having a Chili Cook-Off and Paint Night fundraiser on Saturday, March 8th. Painting will be Spring-themed. Event will begin at 4pm.
  • We discussed Valentine's Day festivities. We began by voting on whether or not to have the annual Daddy/Daughter Banquet. By show of hands, the event was vetoed for 2019 and by default, so was the Mother/Son Bonfire.
  • An extended lunch (11-1:30) was planned for Valentine's Day. Students will bring their regular lunches or $3 for the chili dog meal that has been planned. 6th grade and up students will have the chance to compete in a Bake-Off. Desserts entered will compete for two prizes- Best Decorated and Best Tasting. Mrs. Tiffany volunteered to help with crafts and games for the younger group, and Mrs. Jamie volunteered to help with games for the older group. Mrs. Kelly volunteered to help with clean-up. 
  • We also determined that we'd like to emphasize Kindness during the month of February. We're going to talk to students about being kind and doing kind things, as well as recognizing kind things that are done for them. We decided on the idea that instead of traditional Valentine's trading cards, we'd like for the kids to trade notes thanking each other for Random Acts of Kindness performed, OR just writing a kind note to friends to be kind. More info to come in a separate blog post. This will be a fun tool to use at home and school to enrich your child's social skills and character! 
  • Our next PTA meeting February 15th at 5:30pm. Immediately following will be a Home Basketball Game